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No Reception or Bad reception: These types of service request are our top priority. We are committed to taking prompt action in order to restore or correct your problem but we require your help. In order to properly detect and isolate the problem, you the customer must be home. If you know you’re going to be away from your home, please don’t assume your problem will be fixed by the time you get back. In most cases, the problem isn’t with the cable outside the house but rather it’s most likely an issue on the inside of the home. If you don’t wish to stay at home waiting for a service tech, you may request a four hour window appointment (8:00 am-12:00 noon or 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm). Here are some helpful checks that you can do before placing a request:

1.     Check the connection from your wall jack and behind the TV/VCR; make sure that it’s not loose or defective. Do not use a push on or screw on connector at the end of the jumper cable that connects from the wall jack to the TV. Poor grounding causes noisy and static pictures.

2.     If you purchase a new TV, make sure you also replace the cable from the wall jack to the TV. So often we see customers go out and spend good money on a Flat screen HD TV and take it home and use the same 20 year old cable. As an added bonus, if you stop by our office we can even provide you with the new cable!

3.     Check to make sure your TV set is programmed. If you’re only receiving 13 channels, you can count on the reason why your Cable service is out is because you need to reprogram your TV and ensure it’s set to CATV-STD. (Remember that you’re Basic Cable (Ch. 2-22) is part of your basic DECCA service and it is never disconnected.) This is one of the most common problems associated with power outages or when you unplug your TV set. In the very near future, once we have started to deliver DTA boxes for our all NEW Digital system you won’t ever need to worry about this one.

4.     Check to make sure your VCR isn’t turned on. This will cause all of your channels to be snowy with the exception of channel 3 or 4 depending on to which channel you set your VCR.

5.     If you have a Cable set-top box, make sure that your TV is set to the correct INPUT (Video 1, Component, HDMI, etc.). Soon when we start to deploy DTA boxes, you will need to make sure your TV is set to channel 3. 

6.     Check the batteries on your remote control if you are unable to change channels or adjust your volume. Double check the placement of your batteries, positive and negative position. It could be possible that it’s time to replace the remote (It may have been dropped one too many times!)

We hope these few tips may save you some frustration and hopefully alleviate interruptions to your favorite programming. But remember; don’t assume that DECCA Cable is working on correcting the problem you’re experiencing as we may not even be aware that there is one! (Please, don’t rely on your neighbors to report a problem either, as chances are they may also be relying on you to place the call.) So don’t delay, call our Customer Care number at 854-3223. Thank You for allowing us to serve you!

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